The Skills for Life Trust is currently working to update all our new websites in preparation for the new academic year September 2022/23.  Therefore, the policy area is under construction and we have removed the majority of policies for annual review.  Should you require a copy of a specific policy, please contact the office directly.

Accessibility Policy
Admission Procedures 2021-2022
Admission Procedures 2022-2023*
Admission Procedures 2023-2024
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
British Values Statement
Charges and Remissions Policy
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy
Complaints Procedure
Data Security
Data Protection Policy
Digital Continuity Statement
Display Screen Equipment Policy
Equality and Diversity Statement
Equality Policy
E-Safety Policy
Exclusion Policy
EYFS Policy*
First Aid Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy
HMI Monitoring Visit – November 2015*
Home Academy Agreement
Keeping Children Safe in Education
LAC Policy
Minibus & Trust Vehicles Policy
Pest Control Policy
Preventing Radicalisation Policy
Provider Access Policy
PSHE Policy
Pupil Premium*
Records Retention Schedule*
Records Management Policy*
Risk Assessment Policy
SEN Policy
Sex and Relationship Education Policy
Staff Absence Reporting Guidance*
Staff & Volunteer confidentiality Policy*
Social Distancing Policy
Sports Funding 2016 – 17*
Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs
Teaching and Learning Policy
Trust Issued Electronic Device Policy
Uniform Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Whole School Food Policy
Working from Home Policy