School Management

C. BennettDeputy
L. BarrMaternity
M. AllenAssistant
R. FitzgeraldAssistant
S. IrelandAssistant
R. HoldenAssistant Headteacher (Maternity Cover)

Lead Practitioners’ Behaviour and Attendance

S. FranklinLead

All staff complete weekly CPD (Continued Professional Development). All CPD is underpinned by educational research and staff collaborate to ensure that we are continuously focused on improving and evaluating student outcomes. Staff also have access to online resources, as well as a library of books to support them in developing their pedagogical knowledge. At Greenacre, we have an ‘open door policy’ across our school, therefore staff can support each other by visiting lessons, working together to achieve the best outcomes.

Please click on the department headings below for a full list of Staff Members:

Sixth Form

M. RobertsHead of Sixth
H. GeorgeDeputy Head of Sixth

Head Of Year

S. FranklinLead practitioner for behaviour and
J. WellsHead of Year
A. AdsettHead of Year
K. ThompsonHead of Year
E. McGregorHead of Year
S. LittlemoreHead of Year

Pastoral Support

D. CowburnPastoral Support
G. CrookPastoral Support
S. LanePastoral Support
E. ThompsonPastoral Support
J. WallPastoral Support


T. LarkinHead Of
C. ChiappiniArt and Photography
E. McGregorArt and Photography
B. HarrisArt

Computer Science, Business Studies and ICT

P. ProvinsHead of Business, IT and
C. BallComputer Science, ICT, & Business
S. LittlemoreComputer Science, ICT, & Business
C. WeatherillComputer Science, ICT, & Business

Design Technology

K. BurgissHead Of
R. AkehurstHead of
A. FranksDT
M. JonesDT
C. PattinsonDT
S. RankinDT
N. TaylorDT
J. WellsDT


M. EpslyHead Of
R. Pett2 i/c
L. BarrEnglish
S. BourneEnglish
R. FitzgeraldEnglish
A. Leicester-SmithEnglish
C. MansfieldEnglish
J. WallEnglish
C. Leicester-SmithEnglish
K. SamraEnglish


F. ButtersHead of
A. GurungHead of
A. AdsettHead of Travel and
K. DuncanGeography
A. WeightGeography
T. ChewterHumanities


G. EfunkomayaHead of
M. AllenMaths
W. BoatengMaths
C. GeeMaths
J. HustonMaths
D. KirkMaths
S. OdumosuMaths SEND/PP Lead
K. RowleyMaths Teacher /
T. MilesMaths

Media Studies

R. FitzgeraldMedia Studies

Modern Foreign Languages

E. Lara-GarciaHead of
M. SangareMFL

Personal Development

S. CallahanHead of
C. RazzellPersonal Development

Performing Arts

D. BreckinMusic
K. TwymanMusic
A. Leicester-SmithPerforming Arts – Dance

Physical Education

R. ElleringtonHead of
B. McDowell2 i/c in
S. AllenPE
R. EdgePE
S. FranklinPE
M. RobertsPE
L. TaylorPE


D. WinspearSEN
T. BradleyTeaching
S. BurtonTeaching Assistant
J. ButcherTeaching
M. HolyomeTeaching
J. HomewoodHigher Level Teaching
C. LoughreyTeaching
C. SelwayTeaching
P. WellerTeaching
M. PayneTeaching
S. BattenTeaching
D. JerramTeaching
J. BradleySEN


V. Delf-SmithHead of
L. GilbeyDeputy Head of
C. BennettScience
R. HilleardScience
D. AttipoeScience
O. EhigieScience
I. WilmotScience
H. SmithScience
J. LealeScience
L. ReardonScience

Greenacre Sports Partnership

K. HillPartnership Development
T. HumphreysSports
R. FairmanPartnership Development
S. OdellSports
H. McKennaSports

School Admin

Microsoft Teams
ICT and Network Support (Internal)
K.ThompsonHome School Support