Schools who might be considering choosing the Trust would benefit as follows:

•    Buying into the Trust central services enables senior leaders and teachers to concentrate entirely on improving the quality of teaching and raising standards.
•    Reducing unnecessary teacher workload is a key Trust priority.
•    Facilitating recruitment and retention of staff by ensuring realistic career development paths and opportunities within the Trust. Already at a relatively early stage in the development of the Trust, many have benefitted at all levels.
•    Through growing and developing leaders by deploying them across the Trust which is a healthy environment for promotion.
•    Professional development pathways for staff at all levels up to and including Heads of School.
•    Deep collaboration and co-operation between schools/academies. We believe that collaboration is most effective when teachers work together regularly.
•    Our belief that no school/academy should be left behind will secure a sustainable long term future for your school.
•    There are greater opportunities to achieve economies of scale at a time when budgets are increasingly being tightened.
•    Our ongoing recruitment drives in Ireland, South Africa and Australia coupled with the comprehensive School Direct program will ensure a plentiful supply of teachers all year round.

If you are a school that is interested in joining the trust, please contact Andrew Minchin