Faculty of Mathematics

Faculty Staff Role Email
Head of Faculty Mrs S Carter Head of Faculty scarter@sflt.org.uk
Mrs S Carter Mrs N Clover Mathematics cloven004@sflt.org.uk
Mr R Cross Head of Sixth Form rcross@sflt.org.uk
Deputy Head of Faculty Miss M Goodall Mathematics goodm280@sflt.org.uk
Miss L Williams Mrs L Pollard Mathematics lpollard@sflt.org.uk
Mrs T Simm Head of Year 7 tsimm@sflt.org.uk
Contact Mrs M Virdi Mathematics mvirdi@sflt.org.uk
scarter@sflt.org.uk Miss L Wildey Head of Middle School lwildey@sflt.org.uk
Miss L Williams Deputy Head of Faculty lwilliams@sflt.org.uk
Miss E Woodger HLTA Mathematics ewoodger@sflt.org.uk

Mathematics Overview

Welcome to mathematics at WGS; with a full complement of qualified staff we know that your daughter’s confidence in and enjoyment of maths will soar during her time with us. We are hopeful that the information here will answer any questions you have but if not please email me.

We are very excited to introduce Hegarty Maths which is an online programme which your daughter will work on throughout her time at WGS.

During March we have a week of number, which includes Pi Day. All year groups take part in different lessons activities and trips. Mathematics needs minimal equipment but it is vital that your daughter brings to every lesson a scientific calculator, pen, pencil, ruler, compass and protractor.

GCSE Maths Revision Links:

Grade 1 & 2
Grade 3
Grade 4 & 5
Grade 6 & 7
Grade 8 & 9