Warren Wood Primary Academy is designated by the Local Authority as a co-located specialist provision for speech and language needs. The Evergreen Centre is included within the main Warren Wood School building and has the same Head of School and Governing Body as the main school.

The school offers 40 places across the primary age range with opportunities for pupils in the centre to enjoy social interaction within a mainstream setting, as well as inclusion in elements of the national curriculum as appropriate. All pupils within the Evergreen Centre are fully involved in the life of the school.


The Centre has four classes. Each class has a specialist teacher, and a specialist teaching assistant.

The Evergreen teachers are Mrs Magee, Miss Simpson, Miss Huxley, Mrs Chambers and Miss Redman


All referrals for admission to the Evergreen Centre will be via consultation with the current provision and the LA Decision Making Group (DMG).

A child allocated a place at the Evergreen Speech & Language Centre will be:-

  • A child whose primary difficulty is a speech & language disorder and where other difficulties encountered are a direct result of their speech and/or language disorder.
  • A child with a severe speech disorder.
  • A child with non-verbal skills that fall within a normal range but have significant discrepancy between verbal and non-verbal abilities.
  • A child who does not have emotional and behavioural difficulties as their primary need.
  • A child whose parents are in full agreement with Centre placement and are aware that their child is also part of the attached mainstream school.
  • A child who has been referred to the Centre through outside agencies and the LA decision-making group.
  • A child who has an Education Health and Care Plan.

The children in the Evergreen Centre follow a highly differentiated National Curriculum with a high language focus, presented in a visual format and supported by ‘Signalong’.

Each child on roll is entitled to the following:-

  • Specialist teachers and teaching assistants
  • Intensive speech therapy sessions individually and in small groups
  • Collaborative target setting between class teachers and speech therapists
  • Supportive safe environment
  • Opportunities to encourage speaking skills
  • Opportunities to encourage listening skills
  • Supported integrated sessions into mainstream
  • Highly differentiated curriculum with a high language focus
  • Multi-sensory resources including Signalong and Cued-Articulation
  • The Shape Coding system and Colourful Semantics used to assist language development
  • Structured small step approach
  • Small differentiated groups
  • Appropriately paced lesson delivery
  • Opportunities for adult interaction to develop children’s play skills and vocabulary
  • Structured motor co-ordination activities where applicable
  • Structured social skills programme to meet needs

Speech and Language Therapists are based at the Centre throughout the week. The therapists are involved with assessment, therapy, monitoring children’s progress and setting targets. The class teachers and speech therapists plan and work collaboratively.

As the Centre is part of a mainstream school, there are excellent opportunities for inclusive provision for all of our children. All children are included in playtimes, lunchtimes, assemblies, PE, special occasions and productions. Opportunities for further inclusion are arranged when deemed appropriate.

For further information or enquiries; please contact Miss Hadfield, Acting SENCo, on 01634 401401
or email WWSEN@sflt.org.uk